Van Spiegel tot Leeuwenhoek: syntaktische en stilistische verschijnselen in 17e-eeuwse teksten

Damsteegt, B. C.
Leiden: Repro RU Leiden

This 1981 volume contains the 1964 typed version of Damsteegt's article about Leeuwenhoek's language. The article appeared in Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse taal- en letterkunde in 1965 and in Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters vol 9 in 1976 along with an English language summary.

This typed version is in a small volume of other typescripts published on the occasion of Damsteegt's 1981 retirement as director of the University of Leiden's language lab after a 28-year career there. Damsteegt began the linguistic annotations of Leeuwenhoek's manuscript letters with volume 5 after Judi Mendels moved abroad. He was able to finish the transcriptions before his death in 2003.