Registers van kleine ambten en officiën

Burgemeesters Delft
OAD inv. 347
Gemeente Delft
1650 - 1795

Registers van kleine ambten en officiën, waarvan de benoeming geschiedde door burgemeesters

Register of minor officials, whose appointment is made by mayors

OAD Delft inventory numbers and years

  • 347a [c. 1650-c. 1692]
  • 347b [c. 1692-c. 1713/20]
  • 347c [c. 1713/20-c. 1795]

(note: old numbers 357 and 358 now 347b and 347c)

The Mayors appointed and the other city officials supervised a sizeable crew of minor officials, kleine officieren, what we would today call bureaucrats.

Two volumes from the archives list these bureaucrats during Leeuwenhoek's civic career.

They are lists, mostly without dates, so the archivists date them as around 1650 to around 1692 for the first volume (upper row below, click to enlarge) and from then until around 1720 for the second volume (lower row below). The index of the 1650 register has 201 job titles. The books have a page for each, often full of names and salaries. The table of contents of the 1692 register also notes which pages include the office's oath (eed). Some of them, including both Camerbewarrders and Wijnroeijers, include the yearly salary.

Camerbewaarders 34

Wijn Roeijers 136

OAD inv 347a [c. 1650-c. 1692]

Camerbewaarder van de Raad en Scheepens Camer | Eed | 300

Wijnroeijers en Peijlders | Eed | 250

OAD inv 347a [c. 1650-c. 1692]

A sampling of job titles with their annual salary. Leeuwenhoek's are among the highest.

  • Boode van den Thesaurier - 100
  • Gerecht boodens - 100
  • Camerbewaarder burgemeesters- 200
  • Camerbewaarder schepen and raad - 300
  • City trumpeter - 50
  • Waag meester - 300
  • Poortiers, one for each city gate - from 20 to 150
  • Commissaris in 't Zuid-eynde - 200
  • Wijnroeijers en Peijlders - 250

Boode = messenger or clerk

Gerecht = court of law, that is, the Schepenen

Raad = city council

Waag = weigh house

Poortiers = gatekeepers

Peijlders = those who measured liquids to be taxed