Register van poorterinschrijvingen

Burgemeesters Delft
OAD 404, 405
Gemeente Delft
1536 - 1796

Names of new citizens and their security deposit (borg)

OAD inv 404 Register van poorterinschrijvingen (1536-1595, 1600-1649), aankomende brouwers (1536-1629) en betalingen van exue-geld (1536-1554)

Register of citizen enrollments, arriving brewers and payments of exue(?) money

OAD inv 405 Register van poorterinschrijvingen 1681-1796

Register of citizen enrollments

See also

OAD inv. 590 Register van het ontvangen poortergeld 1605-1796

Register of received citizen enrollment fees

ORA inv. 167-168, 171 Kamerboeken for May 1588 through December 1595, from December 1595 through April 1602, and from January 1674 through June 1681

These ongoing records of the magistrates' court note citizen enrollments as they occurred.