Received payment from city for duties with magistrate's court

January 24, 1660

Leeuwenhoek received 260 guilders from the city for his duties with the magistrates' court. January 24 was the official due date, carried over from his predecessors Jan Strick and before him Jacob van Schie. The actual payment dates for 1660, as listed in the treasurer's record of expenditures (Register van uitgaven):

  • 7 February - 65 gl
  • 18 August (two payments) - 65 gl each
  • 30 November - 65 gl

Because Leeuwenhoek was not officially appointed until March 30, perhaps Jan Strick received the February payment.

The text below from the the bottom of page 121 and the top of page 121v of the Rekeningen van de thesaurier for 1660 reads:

Jan Strick, now Anthonij Leeuwenhoek, Camerbewaerder of the Raetcamer two hundred sixty guilders for one year salary Due on 24 January 1660 ---- ii c lx gl.


OAD inv. 678.54, fol. 121 and 121v