Received an honorarium from the city for his books of letters

April 4, 1693

The entry reads:

Antoni Leeuwenhoeck presents his books, etc.

From the cashier to Antoni van Leeuwenhoeck, the sum of thirty-six guilders for the presentation of his books of his letters written to the Royal Society in London.

Given the dates of publication, it is probably the third continuation of the letters that was honored here. The Loopende Memorialen van Burgemeesteren (running record of the decisions of the mayors) is full of these honoraria, mostly it seems for Latin-language theological dissertations. It is not known why the mayors decided to honor only those four of Leeuwenhoek's books.


OAD Delft inv. 408.5 April 4, 1693

dito (4 April 1693) per cassa aen Antoni van Leeuwnhoeck, de somme van sesendertigh karolus guldens, over de presentatie sijner boecken sijnde brieven geschreven aende kooninckl. Societeyt tot London, f 36 - 0 - 0.

in the margin

Antoni Leeuwenhoeck presentatie sijner boeken