Karel von Hessen-Kassel wrote Letter L-165 to thank Leeuwenhoek for the visit to his house

October 2, 1685

After visiting Leeuwenhoek, Landgave Karel von Hessen-Kassel wrote a letter of thanks. The exact dates of the visit and letter are not known.

This letter is known only by reference in another letter.

In November, Constantijn Huygens jr. recounted this visit in a letter to his brother Christiaan.


Letter 235 [146] L-403 of 20 April 1702 to Karel von Hessen-Kassel

I often think of your serene highness since I had the honour that you closely inspected my humble discoveries very attentively, and also because of the letter which your serene highness was pleased to send to me, though I did not deserve this. And later, when I had the honour to see the hereditary prince, Your Serene Highness’s son, at my house, and a short time ago, when I had Your Serene Highness’s brother at my house, who assured me that if I sent some of my discoveries to Your Serene Highness, this would not be unwelcome.