James Jurin wrote Letter L-601 to Maria van Leeuwenhoek, presenting her with two volumes of Philosophical Transactions and a silver bowl

June 2, 1724

By order of the RS, Jurin presented Maria with the two last volumes of Philosophical Transactions, which contained papers by Leeuwenhoek. The Royal Society also presented her with a silver bowl engraved with their Arms in memory of her father.


Wellcome MS. 6143

London June 2d 1724


I am order'd by ye Royal Society to present you in their Name with the two last Volumes of Philos. Transactions in which You will find inserted all those Papers of your Excellent Father, which have been transmitted hither, since I had the honour to Serve the Society as their Secretary.

They likewise desire your acceptance of a Piece of Plate, with their Arms engraved upon it, with which the Royal Society presents you as a small Mark of l Esteem & Respect which they shall always bear to the Memory of their late most Valuable & Useful! Member, your Worthy Father.

The Books & Plate are put into one Box, consign’d to your Kinsman Mr Arnout van den Berch, Merchant in Rotterdam, & are entrusted to the care of Capt Taylor, Master of the Sloop Delight - by whom I hope they will be safely deliver'd. I am, with great respect, Madam,

Your most faithfull humble Servant,
J. Jurin, Secr. R.S.