Jan Cornelis Haaxman

niece Maria Jans' son
Birth or Baptism date: 
April 24, 1678
Death or Burial date: 
December 19, 1721

Jan Cornelis was a grocer who lived on the corner of the Jacob Gerritsstraat at the Spiegelsbrug. He was active in the community as a lieutenant of the 2nd and 3rd quads of the 2nd Witte Vendel of the civic guards from 1707 to 1716. In March 1713, he became a member of the Reformed Church (HGD inv. 469 fol. 15). In 1716, he paid 5 guilders for the family tax (familiegeld OAD inv. 680 fol. 45). In 1719, he became a district supervisor (wijkmeester).

The day before their marriage on July 20, 1709, Jan and Aletta made a pre-nuptial agreement in Den Haag, Johan van der Burch notary. Three weeks later on August 12, they made a will, Cornelis van der Sleyden notary. Seven months later, they made another will with the same notary on March 7, 1710. In both wills, Jan is described as healthy and Aletta as bedridden. In the March 1710 will, they declared the two previous documents null and void, they seemed to be making provisions for Aletta's death, although they also explained how they wanted their children raised in the event of their deaths.

As it turned out, Aletta and Jan had six children. Jan died when she was pregnant with the sixth. The baby was named after his father, but he died a month later.

Leeuwenhoek named Jan in his will of November 17, 1721, just a month before Jan died. The burial record notes that he was living in the little house next to a windmill for grinding colouring materials (verfmolen) outside the Oostpoort on the east side of the Crommeheul (also Kromme Heul) over the Kromme Watering along the Delfgauwse Vaart that he purchased on December 14, 1719, Jan de Bries notary. Aletta paid the 1733 and 1756 taxes on the property (verpondingen) and lived there until her death in 1757.

Jan's portion of Leeuwenhoek's estate passed to his four surviving children: Maria, Adriana, Cornelis, and Dirk.

Maria Jans Haaxman 1710-1767 She married Steven Bolland, a cooper (kuiper) living on the Oosteinde, in 1734. They were divorced on 1763-10-17. When she died in 1767, she was back living in the family home on the Schoolsteeg. When Bolland died in 1776, he was living on Oosteinde. They had no children.

Adriana Jans Haaxman 1711-1760 Married Gerrit Scheennaert in 1750. They had no children.

Cornelis Jans Haaxman 1713-1781. A cooper (kuiper) living to the west of the city, he married Geertruijd van Os in 1737. They had five children in the seven years before her death six weeks after the birth of the fifth child. Three years later, Cornelis married Martijntje van Klaveren. They had three sons. Their great-grandson Peter Jacob Haaxman, born in Rotterdam in 1810, wrote a biography of Leeuwenhoek in 1875.

Dirk Jans Haaxman 1718-1782. See Children under Marriage below.