Jacob Jans de Molijn

c 1574
Death or Burial date: 
May 2, 1649

Jacob Jans de Molijn was deurwaarder of the common tax (by 1624), genre and still-life painter, also city (of Delft) painter. In St. Lucas Guild 1618.

He buried his first wife on 1616-01-18.

When he married for the second time in 1624, he lived on Choorstraat and she on the Kromstraatsteeg. The son from that marriage, Jan Jacobs, married Leeuwenhoek's sister Margrieta.

Jacob Jans de Molijn married Leeuwenhoek's mother in 1640, which may have occasioned eight-year-old Leeuwenhoek's departure for school in Warmond.

He paid 12 gl in taxes in 1649.