Robert Hooke wrote Letter L-091 of some time in August 1679 to Leeuwenhoek; now lost

August 1, 1679

This letter is known only by reference in another letter. It apparently got lost in transit.

Hooke’s previous letter to Leeuwenhoek is Letter L-072 of 28 April 1678, in this volume. Leeuwenhoek did not reply before Hooke sent the present letter, preferring instead to send his next five letters to the Royal Society to Nehemiah Grew, all in Collected Letters, vol. 2 and vol. 3. Hooke’s next letter to Leeuwenhoek is Letter L-094 of 27 October 1679.


Letter L-096 of 20 November 1679 to Robert Hooke:

In your welcome letter of October 17th, Old Style, you tell me that you wrote to me in the month of August, but I did not receive that letter.”