Robert Hooke read his paper about his microscopic observations and methods

March 14, 1678

At the Royal Society's meeting on March 14/24 (O.S./N.S.), Hooke read all or part of what he had written for Microscopium, published that year.


Birch's History, vol. III p. 393

Mr. Hooke read a discourse of his own being an account of his observations, which in prosecution of Mr. Leeuwenhoeck's discoveries he had made of the small worms in pepper-water. After which he shews the method, by which be made two sorts of microscopes, first a single microscope made by a small globule of glass. he also explored how the globule was made out of a thread of glass, and how that glass thread and small-canes were made. the second was a double microscope consisting of two glasses whereby many observations might be more convinienty made than with the single one.