Hans Sloane wrote Letter L-387 of 1701-04-24 to Leeuwenhoek to introduce him to his new translator, John Chamberlayne

April 24, 1701

This letter is known only by reference in another letter. The date is New Style, which was eleven days ahead of the Old Style date of 13 April 1701 used by Sloane in London, the same date as the enclosed letter from Chamberlayne. For that letter, see Letter L-386 of 24 April 1701.

With this letter, Sloane encloses Letter L-386 from John Chamberlayne and introduces him to Leeuwenhoek as the person who is now translating Leeuwenhoek’s letters into English.


Letter L-389 of 21 June 1701 to John Chamberlayne

I received your welcome letter of the 13th of April 1701, which was enclosed with the letter of Mr. Hans Sloane. …

I am grateful that you remember me and I wish to be able to serve you, the more so because Mr. Hans Sloane writes to me that you are the person who translates my letters into the English language.