Frederick Adriaan van Reede wrote Letter L-299 of 1696-08-23, a "welcome letter"

August 23, 1696

This letter is known only by reference in L.’s reply.

In this letter, van Reede writes to L. about unspecified topics.

The previous letter from Van Reede to L. is Letter L-257 of June 1695, in this volume. L. replied with six letters, all in Collected Letters, vols. 10, 11, and 12, one of which, Letter 161 L-281 of December 1695, is the dedication to L.’s Vijfde Vervolg der Brieven.

The present letter is the last known letter from van Reede to L., who would write five more to van Reede before his final Letter L-558 of 10 September 1717.


Letter L-300 of 26 August 1696 to Frederik Adriaan van Reede

Yesterday I received Your Honour’s very welcome letter of the 23rd instant, etc.