Letter 59 of October 17, 1687 Figure 2 | Continuatio Epistolarum

The worm or maggot, when it has come to its largest size, and was five days old.

De worm of made, als hij tot zijn volkome groote gekomen is, en vijf dage out was.

In the text, Leeuwenhoek discussed this figure and the following two.

I have thought fit to have a drawing made of the worm or maggot, the pupa, and the fly, because these are the largest species of flies that we have in this country.

Ik hebbe goet gedagt de worm of made, het tonneke, ende vlieg te laten afteijkenen, om dat dit al vande grooste soort van vliegen sijn, die wij hier te lande hebben.

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October 17, 1687
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