Letter 57 of August 6, 1687 Figure 3 | Continuatio Epistolarum

The hard or horny case or sheath of the male organ of the calander.

De hard of hoornachtig koker ofte schede van het mannelijk lit van de klander.

In the text, he discussed this figure.

This supposed male organ I have taken out of the calander, and placed it before a microscope, as shown here in Fig. 3. MLKN.

But as I inspected it more closely with greater attention, I found that I had been deceived in my opinion; for this part was no male organ, but only a case, or sheath, of the male organ; and whereas this sheath was hard, or horny, the male organ, on the contrary, was soft and pliable, and from the same there evaporated (when it was in the air) much moisture, which made it thinner.

The calander does not bring this male organ out of its case, or sheath, until he has pushed the sheath for the greater part into the female organ of his mate. The place of the sheath at which the male organ emerges, is shown in the said Figure between LM.

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August 6, 1687
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