Letter 55 of June 13, 1687 Figure 24 | Continuatio Epistolarum

The whole interior substance of a hemp seed. This seed has only two leaves, which are here indicated by H and I. GK is that part from which the root and stalk shall come forth; in which aforesaid seeds the parts from which the roots and stalks will come forth lie between the middle leaves.

De gansche inwendige stoffe van een hennip zaet. Dit zaed heeft maer twee bladeren, die hier met H en I werden aengewesen. GK is dat deel waer uijt de wortel en stam sal voortcomen; in welcke voor[ver]haelde zaeden, leggen die deelen waer uijt de wortels en stammen sullen voortcomen, tusschen de middelste bladeren.

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June 13, 1687
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