Delf (cultural historical magazine)

Weve, W. (ed.)
Erfgoed Delft
2008 - 2013

"Delf is een full-colour, informatief, cultuurhistorisch magazine voor alle Delftenaren met interesse in de monumenten en de museale kunst in onze stad en in de Delftse geschiedenis."

Delf is a full-color, informative, cultural history magazine for everyone in Delft with interest in the monuments and art museums in our city and in Delft history.

source: Archive Delft

Terrific articles and images, in Dutch only. Archief Delft did not publish it after 2013. Download all but two of the issues back to 2008.

Most recent and final issue available online at Number 3 for 2013: Macht en Pracht

The Museum Prinsenhof took over the publication for the four issues during 2014. They are also available at Wim Weve shared the editor-in-chief role with Bas van der Wulp. I have not seen any issues for 2015.

2014-1: Sport & Spel

2014-2: Handel en Industrie

2014-3: Op Reis

2014-4: Wat de mens bezielt