Brabantse Turfmarkt 76-78


Brabantse Turfmarkt 76-78


large property east side of Brabantse Turfmarkt halfway between Burgwal and Moslaan

current use: 

Chinese restaurant below, apartments above

year built: 
1849, 1853
Ijsbrand Touw, kuiper
family owner: 
Jan Jacobs Hogenhouck
Abraham van Goorle, Consent 3—6-1603

Jan Jacobs in ’t Ossenhooft (Hogenhouck) owned it from 1563 until his death. His widow Annitgen Jans (-1601) owned it for a few years until she died and her heirs sold it for 5,400 gl to Abraham van Goorle. Jan Jacobs paid the 100e penning 1578 and the Haardstedengeld 1600. See Achter de Gevels.

1832 Kadaster number: