Beschryving der Stadt Delft

Boitet, R.
Delft: Boitet

available online at Google Books

The first version appeared in 1667, written by Dirck van Bleyswijk, then in his mid-twenties. In 1729, publisher Reinier Boitet issued an update of Bleiswijk's work. He reused the plates and De Ram's 1560 map. He included more biographies, including Karel van Mander and Arnold Houbraken's commentaries on Delft painters and the earliest biographical sketch of Leeuwenhoek.

Chapter III is the best source of names and dates of people appointed to city offices.

Chapter V has similar information for appointments to posts related to religion and social welfare.

Chapter XIV, pp 765-770, has a biography of Leeuwenhoek that is the only basis for several details about his life.