Antonio Magliabechi wrote Letter L-326 in August 1697 with more news of recently published books in Italian and Latin by Italians that he thought might be of interest

August 1, 1697

No manuscript is known.

In this excerpt from the letter, Antonio Magliabechi reports on several recent books that he thought might be of interest to L and the readers of Boekzaal by Italians Filippo Bonanni, Giovanni Giustino Ciampini, Gio. Baptista Contoli, and Ludovico Antonio Muratori.

The text as printed here is that of editor Pieter Rabus’s sometimes loose translation in De Boekzaal van Europe, which regularly published “Italiaansch Boeknieuws”, excerpts from letters by Magliabechi. This letter is the eighth of the eleven letters with book news published in ten Boekzaal articles from March 1693 to October 1699.


Leeuwenhoek refers to this letter and Magliabechi’s previous Letter L-322 of 1 June 1697 in Letter L-330 of 2 November 1697 to Magliabechi

I inform you, illustrious sir, that I have duly received your two letters addressed to me.

“Italiaansch Boeknieuws”, De Boekzaal van Europe, September and October 1697, pp. 376-78. Copied and pasted from Collected Letters, vol. 20, the "in this volume" in the footnotes.

Italian Book News, contained in the letter of Mr Antoni Magliabechi[1], written from Florence to Mr A. van Leeuwenhoek in the Harvest Month[2] of this year.


The Latin work of Father Bonanni[3], Jesuit concerning the medals of the Popes, of which in the Boekzaal of the first two months of this year p. 183[4] the predecessor is reported, has already been published in Rome in fol.


Printed in the same city of Rome by Bernardo.

De Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Vicecancellario, illiusque munere auctoritate & potastate, deque Officialibus Cancellarie Apostolice, aliisque ab eodem dependentibus, nec non de peculiari auctoriritate, quam habet in omnes Ecclesiae S. Laurentii in Damaso deservientes, caeterose Ministros aliarum Ecclesiarum eidem collegiate, tanquam Matrici subjectarum peculiaris enarratio Jo. Ciampini, Romani in utraque signatura Referendarii, ac Abbreviatoris de Curia.

That is,

A special mention of the vice chancellor of the Holy Roman Church and its office, prestige, and authority and of the officers of the Apostolic Chancellary and others dependent upon it; as also of the special authority that he has over all who serve in the Church of San Lorenzo in Damaso[5], and over other servants of other churches, who are common colleagues, as subject to her mother, by Joh. Ciampini[6], Roman Chancellor in the Secondary Seal, etc.


Breve instruzzione Medica sopra il Glutine o Colla, che si genera ne’ Corpi umani, e suoi effetti di Pietra e Gotta, essaminati per la cura dell’ una e dell’ altra, da Gjo. Batista Contoli Iatrofisico Bolognese.

That is,

Brief physician instruction concerning the glue that grows in the human body, and its effects on the stone and gout, examined through healing of one and another by Gio. Baptista Contoli[7] healing physician also in Rome by Bernabo 1697, in 4.


Anecdota, que ex Ambrosiane Bybliothecae Codicibus nunc primum eruit, notis ac disquisitionibus auget Ludovicus Antonius Muratorius, in eadem Bibliotheca Ambrosiani Collegii Doctor. Tomus prior Sancti Paulini Episcopi Nolani Poemata complectens.

That is,

Previously unpublished writings, which are now first brought out by the library of Ambrozius[8] [in Milan], and augmented with notes and remarks by Lodewijk Antoni Muratori[9], teacher of the meeting in the same Ambrosian Library. The first piece, containing the poems of Saint Pauline[10], Bishop of Nola. In Milan 1697, in 4[11].


[1] Magliabechi’s previous letter to L. is Letter L-322 of 1 June 1697, in this volume.

[2] Oogstmaand, harvest month, is the old Dutch name for August.

[3] Filippo Bonanni (1638-1723). See Letter L-310 of 18 December 1696 from Magliabechi to L., n. 3, in this volume, and the Biog. Reg., idem, vol. 10, p. 311.

[4] See Letter L-310 of 18 December 1696, in this volume.

[5] The Basilica of St. Lawrence in Damaso is a church in central Rome.

[6] Giovanni Giustino Ciampini (1633-1698) was an ecclesiastical archaeologist. See Letter L-332 of the end of 1697 or the beginning of 1698, n. 2, in this volume, for Magliabechi’s next report of another book by Ciampini.

[7] Giovanni Battista Contoli (also Giambattista) was an Italian doctor of philosophy and medicine who took his medical degree at the University of Bologna in 1669. Magliabechi refers another book by Contoli in Letter L-359 of 8 September 1699, in this volume.

[8] The Ambrosian Library in Milan, a major repository of Counter-Reformation Catholic scholarship, opened in 1609 as one of the first public libraries. See Letter L-275 of 23 October 1695, Letter L-322 of 1 June 1697, and Letter L-350 of late 1698, all from Magliabechi to L. and all in this volume.

[9] Ludovico Antonio Muratori (1643-1717). See Letter L-322 of 1 June 1697 from Magliabechi to L., in this volume, where Magliabechi mentions Muratori’s book.

[10] Pauline of Nola (c. 354-431). See Letter L-322 of 1 June 1697 from Magliabechi to L., n. 11, in this volume.

[11] The next letter from Magliabechi to L., Letter L-332 of late 1697 or early 1698, in this volume, is known only by reference in L.’s Letter 191 L-336 of 20 February 1698, Collected Letters, vol. 12.