Adriaan Johannes Swalmius

wife Cornelia's great nephew and correspondent
Birth or Baptism date: 
June 21, 1689
Death or Burial date: 
February 14, 1747

notary Delft (1713-1741), later Schiedam

He owned D283 now Brabantse Turfmarkt 89 and bequeathed it to his two children in 1756 (nine years after his death) by an “acte van Acquit” notary A. van Leeuwen in den Haag

He owned D0585 now Koornmarkt 81

He owned D0620 now Brabantse Turfmarkt 53

He owned D0685 now Paradijspoort 2 and bequeathed it to children Cornelia and Cornelis in 1756 just as other prop;

One of the two Adrians owned D1076 now Oosteinde 206 but I need a date to decide which Adrianus Swalmius (1689- ) who was a lawyer and notary in Delft as well as in 1741 pensionaris van Schiedam an administrator of W.I.C. (West Indies Company) office in de Maze (Rotterdam).

Leeuwenhoek and Cornelia were the witnesses at his baptism and Leeuwenhoek left him a painting of his Uytenbrouck relatives; advocaat Hove van Holland; Raad en Pensionaris Schiedam (1741); Gedeputeerde ter Dagvaart (1746); Bewindhebber der W.-Indische Compagnie