Chronology of events: 1724--1776

For some events, the year is certain but the month and day are not. Example: We know only the year for the collections of Leeuwenhoek's letters published in Dutch during his lifetime.

For other events, the season or month are certain but the day is not. Example: Leeuwenhoek mentions that someone visited him "last month".

On the other hand, many events did indeed happen on the first day of a month. Example: public appointments to Delft's city offices took effect on January 1 of each year. Thus:

  • A date of January 1 in a given year may indicate that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • A date of 1 in a given month may indicate that the year and month are certain but the day is not.

Unless otherwise indicated, for events in England, the date given is Old Style, 10 days behind the Dutch Republic's New Style until 1700 and then 11 days behind.

January 11, 1724 Martin Folkes's article, Letter L-599, about Leeuwenhoek's cabinet of microscopes published in Philosophical Transactions
January 11, 1724 Philosophical Transactions, vol. 32, no. 380 published with final two letters by Leeuwenhoek, L-587 and L-588, and Martin Folkes's article about the bequest of 26 microscopes
June 2, 1724 James Jurin wrote Letter L-600 to Arnoud van den Berch about delivering the Royal Society's gifts to Maria van Leeuwenhoek
June 2, 1724 James Jurin wrote Letter L-601 to Maria van Leeuwenhoek, presenting her with two volumes of Philosophical Transactions and a silver bowl
January 1, 1729 Reinier Boitet's Beschryving der Stadt Delft published; first biography of Leeuwenhoek
April 16, 1729 nephew Anthonij Jans de Molijn buried
January 1, 1730 Published Continuatio Epistolarum (Continuation of the Letters), Letters 53-60 (4th)
February 21, 1730 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek, the notary, had his license suspended by the Heren van de Weth
August 7, 1732 daughter Maria added codicil to 1721 will
September 23, 1733 daughter Maria assessed for property tax on the Gulden Hoofd
November 14, 1739 daughter Maria funded the Oude Kerk memorial for her father
June 24, 1741 daughter Maria made a will providing for the graves
May 20, 1744 daughter Maria made her final will
April 25, 1745 daughter Maria died
April 30, 1745 daughter Maria buried
June 26, 1745 daughter Maria's estate inventoried
August 23, 1745 house on Hippolytusbuurt, het Gulden Hoofd, offered for sale
August 25, 1745 house on Hippolytusbuurt, het Gulden Hoofd, sold to great-nephew Dirk Haaxman
September 25, 1745 daughter Maria's 1744 act of guardianship presented to Weeskamer
September 15, 1746 daughter Maria's estate distributed to her heirs
March 6, 1747 Auction of Leeuwenhoek's microscopes announced in Leydse Courant
May 22, 1747 Auction of Leeuwenhoek's microcopes announced in cities throughout Europe
May 23, 1747 Andries Voorstad auctioned the books and instruments of a "Liefhebber"
May 29, 1747 Leeuwenhoek's magnifying glasses auctioned
September 26, 1748 Margareta Cornelia Hobus died childless
August 19, 1749 Executors of daughter Maria's estate advertised for heirs
August 14, 1755 niece Margareta Cornelia Hobus's estate
December 1, 1755 Josina van der Sprenkel sold the house on the Oosteinde that daughter Maria had bequeathed her
October 28, 1757 Executors of daughter Maria's estate declared that it cannot be distributed
October 17, 1763 niece Maria's granddaughter Maria Jans Haaxman divorced from Steven Bolland
December 14, 1765 great-nephew Dirk Haaxman sold the Gulden Hoofd
September 23, 1776 daughter Maria, final accounting of her estate