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1695 Harris, J. Some Microscopical Observations of vast Numbers of Animalcula seen in Water
1696 Gray, S. A Letter from, giving a further Account of his Water Microscope
1696 Gray, S. Several Microscopical Observations and Experiments
1696 Mountague, W. The Delights of Holland: or, A Three Months Travel about that and the other Provinces [etc.].
1697 Gray, S. A Letter from, Concerning making Water subservient to the viewing both near and distant Objects [etc.]
1697 Child, F. A journal of my travels through the United Provinces
1698 Bidloo, G. Brief van G: Bidloo, aan Antony van Leeuwenhoek
1701 - 1716 Ruysch, F. Thesaurus anatomicus: Het anatomisch cabinet van Frederic Ruysch
1702 Cowper, W. A Description of the Extremities of those Vessels, and the manner the Blood is seen, by the Microscope, to pass from the Arteries to the Veins in Quadrupeds when living.
1702 Wilson, J. The Description and Manner of Using a Late Invented Set of Small Pocket Microscopes
1705 Rumphuis, G. E. Amboinsche Rariteitkamer
1705 Hooke, R. The Posthumous works of Robert Hooke
1708 Locke, J., W. Molyneux and P. Limborch Some Familiar Letters Between Mr. Locke, and Several of his Friends
1709 Hoorn, J. von Anatomes publicae
1710 Adams, A. The Manner of Making Microscopes
1715 Clerc, D. Le Historia naturalis et medica latorum lumbricorum
1717 Kerckherdere, J. G., A. Hoogvliet and H. K. Poot Lauwerkranssen
1717 Boodt, J. vander Beknopte Wynroey-Konst
1720 Heussen, H. van Oudheden en gestichten van Delft en Delfland
1722 Poot, H. Gedichten
1723 Folkes, M. Some account of Mr. Leeuwenhoek's curious Microscopes, lately presented to the Royal Society
1725 Heussen, H. van Oudheden en Gestichten van het Rechte Zuid-Holland en van Schieland
1726 Hooke, R. Philosophical Experiments and Observations
1729 Boitet, R. Beschryving der Stadt Delft
1730 Hartsoeker, N. Extrait Critique
1731 Loon, G. van Beschrijving der Nederlandsche Historiepenningen
1735 Barker, R. A Catoptric Microscope
1737 Swammerdam, J. Bybel der Natuure, of Historie der Insecten
1739 Miles, H. Some Remarks concerning the Circulation of the Blood, as Seen in the Tail of a Water-Est, through a Solar Microscope
1739 Jenkins, S. The Figure of a Machine for Grinding Lenses Spherically
1739 Baker, H. An Account of Mr. Leeuwenhoek's Microscopes
1743 Baker, H. Microscope Made Easy
1745 Valk, E. Genees-kundig Verhaal
1749 Buffon, G. L. L. Histoire naturelle
1753 Uffenbach, Z. C. von Merkwurdige Reisen durch Niedersachsen Holland und Engelland.
1753 Baker, H. Employment for the Microscope
1754 - 1787 Berryat, J. (ed.) Collection académique
1756 Birch, T. The History of the Royal Society of London
1765 Edens, A. Verzameling van een party konst-gereedschappen, ...
1775 Someren, H. van Genees- en heelkundige proeven en aanmerkingen
1779 - 1780 Leske, N. G. Abhandlungen zur Naturgeschichte, Physik und Oekonomie
1797 Wagenaar, J. Vaderlandsche historie
1798 Hoole, S. The Select Works of Antony van Leeuwenhoek
1810 Wikles, J. ed. Animalcules
1812 Thomson, T. The Royal Society, From Its Institution tо the End of the Eighteenth Century
1812 Thomson, T. History of the Royal Society from its Institution to the End of the Eighteenth Century
1812 Gelder, J. de Allereerste gronden der cijferkunst
1823 Haastert, I. Anth. van Leeuwenhoek, vereerend herdacht
1829 King, P. Life of John Locke
1834 Pritchard, A. The Natural History of Animalcules