Wrote Letter 44 of 1685-01-23 (AB 83) to Members of the Royal Society

January 23, 1685
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Text of the letter in the original Dutch and in English translation from Alle de Brieven / The Collected Letters at the DBNL - De Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren.

The original manuscript on twenty-seven quarto pages, written and signed by Leeuwenhoek, is preserved at the Royal Society (MS. 1903. L 1. 74).


The orginal drawings are lost. Similarly to the previous Letter 43, the way Leeuwenhoek discussed the figures in the text indicates that he saw them as 87 figures on 17 numbered plates. Here and in Alle de Brieven / Collected Letters, they are treated as 17 figures placed near the text where Leeuwenhoek discussed them.

In the text, Leeuwenhoek did not say who made the two and three-dimensional drawings of the crystals of various salts. They were well within his skills, so he probably drew them himself in red chalk. The scans on the sidebars came from the 1708 third edition of Arcana Naturae Microscopiorum.