Wrote Letter L-335 in February 1698 to Johan Arnoldi that he should do whatever it takes to get the book that Magliabechi sent and that he will reimburse whatever it costs

February 10, 1698
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This letter is known only by reference in Letter L-336 of 20 February 1698, so it must have been written sometime in February before then.

In reply to Arnoldi’s letter explaining the status of the book sent to Leeuwenhoek by Antonio Magliabechi, Leeuwenhoek writes that Arnoldi should do whatever it takes to get the book and that he will reimburse whatever it costs.

Letter L-336 of 20 February 1698 to Antonio Magliabechi

Thereupon I wrote again to the noble Mr Arnoldi and requested him urgently to use in this matter such means as he thought in his discretion to be required in order that I should at last get the book. I told him that I should very gladly pay the expenses that would have to be incurred for the purpose, and this with the more pleasure because I know that this present was given to me by the most illustrious Magliabechi, whose friendship I must always cherish.

Moreover, I enclosed in my letter an epistle I had received from Düsseldorf, since it can be seen therefrom that the book was in the hands of that man for no other purpose than for delivery to me.

For an overview of the exchange of letters between Arnoldi and Leeuwenhoek, see Letter L-333 of 15 January 1698.