What will you find on this web?

The core of Lens on Leeuwenhoek are the documented facts about Leeuwenhoek's life and times. They are organized in three ways: when, who, where, and what.

events hundreds of events in the lives of Leeuwenhoek and his family and their community have separate entries, as often as possible with a link to the source. These events are also organized into chronologies that are subdivided in dozens of ways according to type of event, time periods, and the people involved.
people separate profiles of more than a hundred of Leeuwenhoek's closest relatives.
property separate summaries of eighty properties owned by Leeuwenhoek and his family in Delft.
letters the 300+ letters that contain Leeuwenhoek's scientific observations; the print publications that they appeared in during Leeuwenhoek's lifetime.

The Resources include over seven hundred items. Many of them are on-line, and almost all the rest are on my hard drive or bound in books or binders on my shelf. Let me know via the contact page if you can't find something on your own.

Unfortunately, not many images have survived that are directly related to Leeuwenhoek's life. Fortunately, his time and place are thoroughly documented by the artists who thrived in a strong sellers' market. As we can read in the estate inventories, people died with dozens of paintings in their homes.

Many of these images are organized into galleries. Views into some of these galleries appear on the sidebars. Clicking on an image will start a slide show in most browsers. Other galleries can be accessed via the main navigation menu.

Finally, Lens on Leeuwenhoek has long and short articles on focused topics based on the documented evidence. They can be accessed via the main navigation menu across the top of every page.