Visited by Johannes Swammerdam

August 15, 1674

Visited twice by Johannes Swammerdam (1637-1680) in late August. The "gentleman" accompanying him could have been Arent Seijen, who Constantijn Huygens linked with Swammerdam the previous February and who also visited Leeuwenhoek earlier in August 1674.


Letter 6 (AB 11) of September 7, 1674 to Henry Oldenburg

Dr. Swammerdam hath again within this fortnight visited me twice, accompanied with a Gentleman, to both which I have shew'd many of these Microscopical Observations, and of such others as I had formerly spoken to him about; perceiving that his speculations are busy upon this subject, and that probably he will discourse more largely of it than I have done hitherto. Though I liberally communicate my observations, I daily experience more and more that some are altogether incommunicative as regards their considerations, nay, do not scruple to point out my mistakes.