Towers in the northern and eastern walls

... between the Haagpoort/Wateringshe Poort and the Oostpoort

St. Andries

St. Joosten

St. Annen

St. Clare

Duyvels Gat

St. Huybrechts

St. Joris




Winter or Oost

Oost Molen

Haagpoort/Wateringshe Poort

St. Andries Toorn
St. Joosten Toorn

These towers (right; click all thumbnails to enlarge) are both bastions, the same height as the wall with one row of windows for shooters.

St. Annen Tooren
St. Clare Tooren

These two seem to be of the same design as the ones on the eastern section of the singel that rise above the wall enough for a window and enough space below for another set of windows. Both of these show the door in the flat back wall flush with the city wall.

Duyvels Gat

A three-story tower with roof set into an unraised, unfortified roundel perched over the end of the Geerweg gracht, also known as Kantoorgracht. All of the maps up until Blaeu's of 1649 show it as a windmill. Today's car-free Plantagebrug over the singel is a couple yards to the north. Duyvel's Gat and the Koepoortse Toorn were the only windmills built over water gates.

St. Huybrechts Toorn

One of the two remaining towers (below; click to enlarge).

St. Joris Toorn
Rietveltse Toorn

One of the two remaining towers (below; click to enlarge).

On all the maps, these three round towers look the same. On the Kaart Figuratief, they are square buildings flush with the city wall. The round part, more a hemisphere or half-tower, jutted from the wall over the little ledge into the singel. Two of the three towers survive; the Rietveltse Toren was recently renovated.

Between the Rietveldse Toren and the Koeport was a post mill close enough to the wall for effective shooting at invaders.


Koepoortse Toorn

Hopsteegse Tooren

square building, two stories, peaked roof with windows.

Winter or Oost Tooren

Oost Meulen

a post mill set on a wide base for turning the top part into favorable winds. It was on the east side of the Oostpoort's water gate to the Oosteinde gracht, so perhaps it was used similarly as the post mills at the end of the east-west grachts farther along the singel.