Thomas Molyneux

Birth or Baptism date: 
April 14, 1661
Death or Burial date: 
October 19, 1733

Molyneux was an Irishman who completed his medical training in Leiden. According to the Dictionary of National Biography, vol. 38 p. 137:

On 20 July, 1683, Molyneux sailed from England to Rotterdam. He visited Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Utrecht. Studied at the university of Leiden. Met his brother William's friend John Locke, who was living in the Dutch Republic as a political exile.

In the Philosophical Transactions no. 168, Molyneux published an essay on an extremely large and thick human frontal bone in the museum at Leiden, an example either of Parrot's disease or of the osteitis deformans of Paget.

On 14 March 1685, Molyneux reported to the Royal Society on the collections of Swammerdam and Hermann and on his visit to Leeuwenhoek.

He returned to London in with his medical degree in March 1686.

It wasn't just Leeuwenhoek that Molyneux reported on for his brother and the Royal Society's newly appointed clerk Edmond Halley. A month later,

On 14 March 1685 he made a report to the Royal Society on the collections of Swammerdam and Hermann, and in the same year went to Paris, where he stayed till his return to London in March 1686.

Johannes Swammerdam had died in 1680. Paul Hermann, however, still living, was the director of the University of Leiden's Hortus Botanicus. Halley and Thomas' brother William must have been pleased. On November 3, 1686, Thomas was elected to membership in the Royal Society. He later later published half a dozen letters in Philosophical Transactions.