The suppliers (leveranciers) of goods and services.

They were paid by the job. For example, the city periodically bought peat, fire-fighting buckets, candles, and paper and writing materials. It also paid for maintenance and repair of city property: painting, glassworking, and carpentry.

Several of Leeuwenhoek's relatives as well as some of the other lower city official also supplied some of these goods and services. For example, fellow camerbewaarder Daniel Bogart regularly delivered a load of peat toward the end of the winter.

Leeuwenhoek's de Molijn relatives were mentioned often in the 1650's, 60's, and 70's. His step-father Jacob Molijn was a painter for the city. Jacob's son Jan married Leeuwenhoek's sister and thus was both his step-brother and his brother-in-law. Jan followed his father and received hundreds of guilders in some years for a variety of painting jobs.

Leeuwenhoek's cousin Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek, who continued the family's basketmaking business, is noted as suppling baskets to the city.

Jacob Spoors was paid for surveying.