Royal Society read Letter L-566 about bone membranes

January 22, 1722

Letter L-566 was read over a year later, after James Jurin was elected on 30 November 1721 as secretary to replace Edmond Halley, during the 8 December 1721 and 11 January 1722 O.S. meetings of the Royal Society


Royal Society, Journal Book, vol. 13, p. 153 for 11 January 1722

A Letter of Mr Leeuwenhoeck dated the 20th of November at Delf containing several observations made upon the Periosteum of the Bones with a Microscope, together with curious draughts of that membrane as it appears thro’ the same, with the Vessels and their insertions into the substance of the Bone was read. Mr. Leeuwenhoeck was ordered a Letter of thanks.