The Royal Society read Letter L-128 of 1683-07-16 about reproduction, little animals, digestion, and blood

July 28, 1683

Birch, History, vol. IV, p. 215, 18 July 1683 (O.S.) in London:

A long letter of Mr. LEEWENHOECK, dated July 16, 1683, was read, containing several curious observations about the manner of generation, supposed by him to be out of the animalcules found in semine masculino, which is received in the point of the egg, which he calls het plaetie of stipie van het cloir vat het eij, in which place alone it receives its nourishment and growth.

This letter contained likewise several observables in the parts a frog; the description of the animals found in the seed and the excrement; a notion of digestion in the stomach and guts by breaking the meat in pieces through the motion of these parts; and an opinion concerning the motion of the blood in a fever.