The Posthumous works of Robert Hooke

Hooke, R.
Richard Waller

Full title:

The Posthumous works of Robert Hooke. M.D.S.R.S. Geom. Prof. Gresh. etc. Containing his Cutlerian Lectures, and other Discourses, Read at the Meetings of the Ilustrious Royal Society. In which I. The present Deficiency of Natural Philosophy is discoursed of, with the Methods of rendering it more certain and beneficial. II The nature, motion and effects of Light are treated of, particularly that of the Sun and Comets. III An hypothetical Explication of Memory; how the organs made use of by the Mind in its Operation may be Mechanically understood. IV. An Hypothesis and Explication of the cause of Gravity, or Gravitation, Magnetism, etc. V. Discourses of Earthquakes, their Causes and Effects, and Histories of several; to which are annext, Physical Explications of several of the Fables in Ovid's Metamorphoses, very different from other Mythologick Interpreters. VI. Lectures for improving Navigation and Astronomy, with the Descriptions of several new and useful Instruments and Contrivances; the whole full of curious Disquisitions and Experiments. Illustrated with Sculptures. To these Discourses is prefixt the Author's Life, giving an Account of his Studies and Employments, with an Enumeration of the many Experiments, Instruments, Contrivances and Inventions, by him made and produce'd as Curator of Experiments to the Royal Society. Publish'd by Richard Waller, R.S. Secr. London: Printed by Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford, (Printers to the Royal Society) at the Princes Arms in St-Paul's Churchyard, 1705.

Available for download at the Wellcome Collection.