Pontus Bourbon

Other name: 
Borbon, Pontius
between 1607 and 1613
before 1684

His parents were married on April 18, 1607. His father, after whom he was named, is noted as a sergeant. Although there is no record of the birth of their son Pontus, mother Marritgen Cornelis got remarried in 1613 to Samuel Heyndricxen van Eersel, who was living on Verwersdijk.

The 1585-1648 housing protocol (inv. 282 fol. 149v2a) has son Pontus, a button maker, living on the corner of Choorstraat and Cellebroerstraat (C269). When he married Baertge Simons van Dingenhove in April 10, 1633, she was living on Koornmarkt, he on the Marktveld. Their first child, Sijmon, who was born four months later on August 19, 1633, died before the end of the year. Their second child, also named Sijmon, after Baertge's father, was born 18-03-1635. Baertge had at least eight other children, noted below.

When they buried an unnamed child on July 8, 1641 in the Nieuwe Kerk, the second Pontus was noted as a peddler (kramer), still living on the Marktveld, in the southwest corner at the Teemsbrug (C932). Like Leeuwenhoek, this Pontus was a member of the St. Nicolaas Gilde. The house name of Teems was noted in a Vergunning (permission) of the same year. In 1646, another Vergunning noted that Pontus was a silk peddler (sijdecramer) (inv. 650 Consentboek, fol. 266 and 281v).

When Baertge was buried on January 15, 1664, she was noted as living on Wijnhaven.

Their son Simon (also Sijmon) Bourbon was a witness on a certificate (attestatie) drawn by Govert Rota in 1650 (Inv. 1981A, fol. 248) and on a debt instrument drawn by Johannes Ranck in 1654 (inv. 2113D, fol. 160). On a similar notary act drawn by Govert Rota in 1657 (inv. 1988B, fol. 77), Sijmon was again a witness, this time listed as Rota's clerk. In 1667, when Leeuwenhoek was appointed curator of Sijmon's estate, he was noted as having spent time in the East Indies. His Delft address was on the Lakengracht.

Sijmon's brother, Pontus Bourbon (1638-1712), who was of Leeuwenhoek's generation, was named after his father and grandfather. He married Elijsabeth van Assendelft (-1707) in 1678 at Hoog Duijtsekerk in den Haag. They lived on Kerkstraat and he owned property elsewhere in Delft, including several properties on both sides of the Lakengracht. He was an attorney (procureur) involved in real estate transactions and after 1688 a solliciteur-militair and collecteur militair, still acting as an attorney.

Youngest brother Adryaen Bourbon (1649-) inherited property on Voorstraat from his aunt Cornelia van Dingenhoeve, Baertge's sister, who lived there and on the Geer with Gerrit Voorburch. He was a ship's captain employed by the Collegie van de Groote Vischerye van Hollant ende Westvrieslant (Board supervising the great fishery of Holland and West Friesland). When Cornelia died a widow on November 4, 1675, she was living on Voorstraat. She bequeathed another property south of Yperstraat to Adryaen's older brother Pontus, who received it in 1677.