Plaatselijke bestuurlijke ontwikkelingen 1600-1980

Raadschelders, J.
's-Gravenhage: VNG

full title

Plaatselijke bestuurlijke ontwikkelingen 1600-1980: een historisch-bestuurskundig onderzoek in vier Noord-Hollandse gemeenten

Local Government Administrative Development 1600-1980: An Administrative History of Four North Holland Municipalities

The book is based on Raadschelders' 1990 University of Leiden PhD dissertation of the same title: full text available online at Indiana University's Digital Library of the Commons.

A detailed examination of the management structures of four North Holland cities: Alkmaar, Beverwijk, Purmerend, and Zaandam. All the cities in the Republic managed their affairs a little differently. Comparisons to other cities can thus help explain obscure titles and functions in Delft.