Henry Oldenburg wrote Letter L-036 to Leeuwenhoek about Hooke's and Grew's reactions to recent observations

May 14, 1676

This letter is known only by reference in other letters.

Responding to Leeuwenhoek's recent inquiries, Oldenburg told Leeuwenhoek that his observations about hair agreed with Robert Hooke's. Also, he had passed along to Nehemiah Grew Leeuwenhoek's remarks about Grew and the vessels in wood. Grew's observations differed, so Oldenburg gave him a chance to respond. In the next issue of Philosophical Transactions no. 127 with a publication date of 18 July 1676, Oldenburg added four pages (pp. 656-660) from Grew directly after the excerpt from Leeuwenhoek's letter that he translated himself.

This letter is calendared as Letter 2895 in Hall and Hall, The Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg, vol. XII, October 1675 – July 1676, p. 273.


Letter L-035 of 21 April 1676 to Henry Oldenburg:

A note added by Oldenburg at the end: “Resp. 1e 4 May. 1676.”

Letter L-037of 29 May 1676 to Henry Oldenburg:

I received your honoured letter of the 4th inst. in good order, from which I learned that my observations on the hair do agree sufficiently with those of Mr. Hooke on the same subject, which pleases me very much. Also that you communicated my trifling observations set forth in my letter of April 21st to Doctor Grew; I thank this gentleman for remembering me; please give the said gentleman my best regards. ...

You write in your letter that the opinion of Mr. Grew on the air vessels is, that those are usually but not always composed of fibres that are winding spirally and form the vessel in the way of a hollow auger. ...

Mr. Grew says that there are several other peculiarities, besides those expressed in the figure, on which he has discoursed in his letter, etc.

Letter L-040 of 9 October 1676 to Henry Oldenburg:

I had previously sent a reply to your missive of May 4th in my letter of May 29th.