no lens brass



Magnification no lens | Aperture in plates 1.30 mm
Body plates 46 mm x 22 mm | Pitch of main positioning screw 0.86 mm

This microscope is #8 in Van Zuylen and Bracegirdle and #61 in Harting's catalogue of the 1875 exhitbition. 

As one of the three microscopes acquired by the Boerhaave Museum's predecessor in 1929 from the Haaxman family, this microscope can be traced back to Leeuwenhoek. Leeuwenhoek's sister's great-grandson Dirck Haaxman bought five silver and seven brass microscopes for 22.9 guilders.

It is one of the four authentic Leeuwenhoek microscopes owned by the Boerhaave, the others being the 118x brass, the 80x silver, and the ??x silver. Without a lens, it has not been studied as thoroughly as the others. However, the thickness of the body plates, the wide aperture, and the depth of the area around the lens hole all point to a relatively large, lower-powered lens.