Lambert van Velthuysen

Other name: 
Veldhuizen, Veldhuyzen
correspondent who lived in Utrecht
Death or Burial date: 
November 5, 1685

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Velthuysen (also spelled Veldhuizen, Veldhuyzen) was a well-educated member of the Utrecht city council and a magistrate there. He wrote, mostly in Latin under the name Velthusius, about philosophical and theological subjects. He was also a fervent advocate of Descartes' ideas. He corresponded with Spinoza.

Leeuwenhoek wrote four letters to Velthuysen in 1679, dated May 9, June 13, July 11, and November 14. They discussed Leeuwenhoek's observations of sperm and his ideas about reproduction.

According to Early Modern Letters Online, Velthuysen wrote a letter to Leeuwenhoek on 2 May 1694 sourced from the ePistolarium. I can't find it there.

Leeuwenhoek's Letter 45 of 11 May 1679, his first to Van Verthuysen, refers to "The very courteous and pleasant letter of Your Honour of the 12th of April," so Van Velthuysen must have initiated the correspondence.

The exchange of letters between Van Velthuysen and L. includes three other letters in 1679 from Van Velthuysen. Leeuwenhoek’s prompt replies are all in Collected Letters, vol. 3:

  • Van Velthuysen’s Letter L-086 of June 1679 and L.’s reply, Letter 49 L-088 of 13 June 1679, in which he discusses the origin of life and complains about lack of appreciation by physicians and surgeons
  • his Letter L-089 of 17 June 1679 and L.’s reply, Letter 50 L-090 of 11 July 1679 about gout, Moxa, and bladder-stones
  • his Letter L-093 of 18 October 1679 and L.’s reply, Letter 52 L-095 of 14 November 1679 about the tophi of gouty patients and the causes of gout, crystals of common salt and the beneficial effect of drinking tea.