Karl von Hessen-Kassel

visitor and correspondent
Birth or Baptism date: 
August 3, 1654
Death or Burial date: 
March 22, 1730

Karl von Hessen-Kassel (1654-1730), of the House of Hesse, was the Landgrave (count) of Hessen-Kassel from 1670 to 1730.

In fall 1685, he visited Leeuwenhoek, as noted in Huygens' Oeuvres Completes, v 9, p 38.

In 1702, Leeuwenhoek wrote two letters to Hessen-Kessel. His cover letter of April 20, 1702 mentions that Karl's son Friedrich and brother Philipp also visited.

See also Send-Brief XX of March 13, 1716.