John Chamberlayne wrote Letter L-450 to inquire about Leeuwenhoek's health

March 31, 1707

This letter is known only by reference in Leeuwenhoek’s reply. The date is New Style, which was eleven days ahead of the Old Style date of 20 March 1707 used by Chamberlayne in London. 

In this letter delivered by his nephew, Chamberlayne inquires after Leeuwenhoek’s health, especially because for such a long time the Royal Society has not heard from Leeuwenhoek about his health.

Chamberlayne’s nephew is not identified.


Letter L-452 of 17 May 1707 to John Chamberlayne

I received your acceptable letter of the 20th of March, deliver’d by your nephew the 29th of April last, wherein you are pleased to say, that the honorable Royal Society are very much concerned that they have had no account of my health for a great while, and that you had commanded your nephew to wait upon me and desired me to let you know how I did.

Your nephew delivered your letter to my daughter, but I was not at home, and since that time I never saw him again. I am thankfull for your civilities.