Immovable property

Only three articles in Maria's estate concerned her immovable goods (onroerende goederen). This implies that she and her father had sold any other real estate that they had acquired.

Immovable property in the estate of
Maria Thonis van Leeuwenhoek

assets description
1 immovable property house on the Hippolytusbuurt
2 immovable property house on the Oosteinde
73 burial places (begraafplaatsen)    in Oude Kerk

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Article 1

The house and property on the west side of the Hippolutusbuurt bordered on the south by Dirk van den Hagen (aka Verhagen) and on the north by Hendrik de Meester. The second paragraph states that Maria occupied this house, so there is no rental income.

Article 2

The house and property on the east side of the Oosteinde bordered on the north by the Delftware pottery de Porceleyne Lampketan and on the south by Matthijs van Kempen. At the time, it was rented by Jan Baan for 50 guilders per year.

It is not noted in the inventory that Maria's will bequeathed the Oosteinde house to her long-time maid Josina van der Sprenkel. The Delft property archives show that by 1759, Pieter Berkeloo was living there. After him, it went to Christiaan Bijkerk. In 1811, it was acquired by the owners of the pottery business from Bijkerk's widow.

Article 73

The Oude Kerk burial plot. An obelisk (grafnaald) established on November 14, 1739, by Maria in honor of her father as well as the graves numbered 14 and 15 in the 22nd plot on the floor in front of the obelisk.

Maria's time and tax-bracket peer group whose inventories were analyzed in Achter de Gevels van Delft (chapter 4) owned more land than she did. About a third of them owned land outside of the city and about half of them owned gardens. Almost all of them owned the house they lived in. Eleven, Maria among them, owned a total of 36 rental properties. They owned 35 church graves and 2 even owned crypts (grafkelders). These numbers would not include Leeuwenhoek's obelisk in the Oude Kerk.