grandfather Thonis Phillips Leeuwenhoek (-1643) made a will

April 2, 1643

A month before he died, grandfather Thonis Phillips Leeuwenhoek (-1643) made a will. He bequeathed multiple properties (E0073, E0079) on Oosteinde and (A0985 - A0991) outside Oostpoort on what is now Dr. Schaepmanstraat to uncle Huijch Thonis Leeuwenhoek. He bequeathed 4,000 g to father Philips Thonis Leeuwenehoek's (-1638) four children, including Antony, to be paid when they came of age. The bequest to Huijch, a basketmaker, included the basket making business that Thonis Philips had developed in the Oosteinde house. The bequest to Antony and his siblings was worth much less.


ORA Delft inv. 285, fol. 101X1r1 property

Guilliaume de Graeff, notary ONA Delft inv. 1721, fol. 32 will