grandfather Thonis Phillips’s and great-uncle Cornelis Philips Leeuwenhoek’s wives named in will

January 9, 1608

In 1608, Pieter Gijsbrechtsz, a cabinet maker and his wife Lijsbet Jansdr made a will.

Two of the beneficiaries were sisters, Maritgen and Geertgen, daughters of Huijch Andriesz, a carpenter. They were married to brothers Cornelis and Tonas (Thonis) Phillips, Leeuwenhoek's grandfather and great-uncle.

Other beneficiaries:

Pieter's two sisters and brother:

Claesghen [Gijsbrechtsdr]
Annetgen [Gijsbrechtsdr]
Willem Gijsbrechtsz

Lijsbet Jansdr. named two groups. The first, on her mother's side, each received a fifth part of half of her remaining goods.

Jan Wormen
Trijntgen Wormen
Willem Vrancken, cooper          
Worm Vrancken
Josgen Vrancken

Then, on her father's side, each recieved an eighth part of half of her remaining goods:

Joost Cornelisz, shoemaker in the Bijecorff
Hillegont Cornelisdr, bedmaker in the Pepersteeg
Quiniera Huijghendr, wife of Jacob Boudewijnsz            
Annetgen Huijghendr, wife of Cor. Centen, a tailor
the children of Maritge Huijgensdochter and Cornelis Phillipsz, basketmaker
Geertge Huijgensdochter, first wife of Tonis Phillipsz basketmaker, now deceased (she died in 1600)
the children of Lijsbeth Cornelis and Pieter Ariensz, a glassmaker
the children of Andries Cornelisz, cooper or baker, and Pieternella Maritgen Pieters, daughter of Haarlem dr. v. Pieter Huijgen, formerly cooper in the Drie Swanen


Davidt Ariensz    basketmaker
Cornelis Ariensz alias Aeriensz    baker

Three parcels of property were involved in this bequest:

two houses, the Drie Schabellen on the Zuideinde, and the Bijecorff
one brewery, the Drie Swanen


Jan de Molijn, notary inv. 1548, fol. 2 and 3