George d'Acquet

Other name: 
neighbor; distant relative by marriage
Birth or Baptism date: 
November 1, 1663
Death or Burial date: 
January 10, 1732

In 1690, after his father posted the security, he became receiver (ontvanger) of the 0.5% property tax (200e penning).

The following year, 1691, he became a regent of the Oude en Nieuwe Gasthuis (hospitals), a position he held for five years, until 1696.

For twenty years, 1695-1715, he was secretary of the Weeskamer (orphans' chamber). In 1698, he served as secretary of Grand Fishery (grote visserij).

In 1716, he joined the Veertigraad. His first appointment was as master of the Weeskamer in 1722 and 1723, after which he became a magistrate for four years, from 1724 to 1727.