Evert van der Zijde

Other name: 
client as curator
Death or Burial date: 
November 9, 1726

Van der Zijde must have run into business trouble as a young man. There is no record in Delft of his birth, but he had 47 years yet to live when in 1679 Leeuwenhoek was appointed curator of his insolvent estate. This is the first surviving record about Van der Zijde. He was noted as a pastry cook (coeckebacker) in the Kalf.

Eight years later, he was listed as a widowed pastry cook living on the Turfmarkt when he married Catharina Cornelis van Zeil, living around the corner on the Burgwal, in 1687 (DTB inv. 76 fol. 125v).

Van der Zijde became a member of the church -- Hervormde Gemeente Delft -- in May 1693 (HGD inv. 468 fol. 439).

He and Catharina had four children between 1692 and 1697. One did not live a year, and two lived to become adults.

On 1700-05-21, Catharijna van Seijl was buried in the Nieuwe Kerk, listed as having lived in the Prins on the Pontemarkt, which was an older name for the Turfmarkt (DTB inv. 46 fol. 266). Four months later, on 1700-09-15, Van der Zijde present Catharina's will to the Weeskamer, who would have been concerned about how the children were going to be provided for (WKD inv. 472 fol. 313).

In 1703, a widower living on the Gasthuijslaan, Van der Zijde married Neeltge Smetser, who lived on the Oude Delft (DTB inv. 136 fol, 74). She was buried in the Nieuwe Kerk on 1719-08-22, listed as living on the Turfmarkt, so perhaps Van der Zijde owned several properties.

In 1725, Van der Zijde with a witness as the baptism of his granddaughter Catrina van Tright, daughter of Sander van Tright and Geertruij van der Sijde (DTB inv. 13 fol. 211).

At his burial in the Nieuwe Kerk in 1726, Van der Zijde was listed as having two adult children and still living on the Gasthuijslaan (DTB inv. 48 fol. 232).