Epistolae ad Societatem

Leeuwenhoek, A. van
Lugduni Batavorum: Langerak

Full title

Epistolae ad Societatem Regiam Anglicam, et alios, et alios Illustres Viros Seu Contimiatio mirandorum Arcanorum Naturae detectorum [etc.].  

Letters to the English Royal Society, and other illustrious Men ....

Dobell #27: Letters 108-146

Latin translation of Dobell #18, published in Leiden by Johan Langerak, containing 38 letters. The translator is unknown. It was bundled with other volumes to make various sets of the complete works in Latin, Opera Omnia.

Front Matter

Pagination: title + xiv + 1-429 + x

Title page has a printers device signed by F. Blyswyck.

The unpaginated 14-page Index rerum Epistolis contentarum (Index of topics contained in the Letters) is in the place where we now put a table of contents. The entry for each letter is long enough that it would now be called an abstract or summary. They were repeated verbatim at the beginning of each letter.


Letters all numbered and continuously paged.


The same as the Dutch.

Back Matter

The back index is an alphabetical list of topics and the numbers of the pages on which they can be found.