Elisabeth Maertens Leeuwenhoek

cousin Maerten's daughter
Birth or Baptism date: 
March 28, 1666
Death or Burial date: 
September 20, 1743

Over twenty-five years, Elisabeth bore thirteen children to two husbands. She outlived both husbands and most of the children.

She and van Schie lived in Rode Leeuw, his brewery at D0058 corner Burgwal and Oude Langendijk across from the Bisschops. He also owned other property around town. [ add later ] Van Schie was also a potter with the Delftware mark VA or AV

She owned C0935 now Markt 17B (1701) next to the Stadsboterhuis and rented it for 185 g per year.

She and van Amsterdam, fifteen years younger than she, lived on Gasthuijskerk.

Van Amsterdam died on the Oude Langendijk.

She bought C0091 now Voorstraat 19 1723/02/19 for 8,000gl rent 490/yr. House name: Drie Cimbellen. She and her heirs owned it until 1757.

She died in Rotterdam on Lombertstraat near the Hal leaving 1 minor and 5 adult children.