District supervisors

Beginning in 1667, Leeuwenhoek and Daniel Bogaert, camerbewaarder of the mayors' chamber, were appointed district general supervisors (wijckmeesters-generaal).

Each of the 16 district supervisors (wijkmeester, also hoofdman or buurtmeester) was responsible for

  • the maintenance of the streets in his district
  • the readiness of the fire-fighting resources
  • the collection of the taxes listed in the Kadegeld register for the maintenance of the common infrastructure: grachts, alleys, gates, bridges, loading platforms (steigers), etc.
  • the monitoring of any people in the district who were not citizens of Delft

The district supervisors reported to the two general supervisors, who then reported to the magistrates (Leeuwenhoek) and the mayors (Bogaert).

In 1711, the mayors discontinued the office, though they kept paying Leeuwenhoek. In 1851, the Delft yearbook notes that the office was revived. The city had seven districts, replacing the sixteen from Leeuwenhoek's time. Each had a supervisor, but there was only one district supervisor (now called the generale wijkmeester).

List of men who served Delft as district supervisors?