The matters that came to the attention of the schepenen (magistrates) in Delft are archived in three groups:

  • Criminele rechtspraak - administration of justice in criminal matters
  • Civiele rechtspraak - administration of justice in civil matters
  • Vrjwillige rechtspraak - administration of justice in undisputed matters

Undisputed matters included real estate transactions, mortgages, IOUs, security guarantees, and granting of powers of attorney.

Another concern was insolvent estates when people died with more debts than assets. To settle the competing claims in an orderly manner, the magistrates appointed curators and gave them the authority to make decisions about selling assets and distributing the proceeds.

Unfortunately, only two of the registers of these curators remain.

  • 5e Register. Van de Curateelen (cover, left; click to enlarge) - February 1675 - December 1719
  • 7e Register Van de Curateelen - 1741-1783, which has some extracts from the 6th register.

The register is organized in order of appointment of curators. They are listed here in chronological order, so at some point, the schepenen began appointing men who weren't notaries.

The list of names gives a sense of the frequency of insolvent estates among a population of around twenty thousand.

List of names with page numbers.

A name was crossed out when the person no longer was available for appointment.

The four registers before this are lost, so we don't know how many names were carried over from the previous register.

The names below come from the pages above. Adrijaen (Adriaan) Leeuwenhoeck is the last name on the longer first page, which puts him in the second column below.

Johan (George) van Ophoven notary   Gerrit Pors? notary, Delfsland?
Joris van der Hoeve notary   Wijbrant van der Kost procurer
Christiaen van Vliet notary, Delfshaven   Cornelis Cnappert notary, procurer, Wadesluijs
Johannes Rank notary   Abraham Couckebacker notary
Testart van Hasselt notary   Jan Bout notary, secretary?, Rijswijk
Abraham Verkerck notary   Henderijck _osternijck lawyer
Abraham van den Veld notary   Cornelis van Dam? Delfshaven
Roeland van Edenburgh notary   George van Ophoeven notary
Willem van Ruiven notary   Adrijaen Lantsveldt fourth clerk for the secretary
Jan Bogard (Boogert) notary, procurer   Anthonij van Meernijck  
Johannes Fijcq (Fijck) notary   Hendrik Vockestaert city secretary
Floris vander Werff notary, procurer   Johannes Groen  
Philip de Bries notary, procurer   Cornelis 's-Gravesande notary
Johannes Waerts notary, Delfshaven   Adrijaen Leeuwenhoeck notary
Jacob Vlaardingerwout notary   Jan de Bries notary
Pouwels Durven lawyer   Benedictus __ Dirck Mijbout  
Pieter van der Meer first clerk   Gerrit van den Berch clerk for the city secretary
Anthoni Leeuwenhoek camerbewaarder   Pieter van Steelant notary
Gerard den Apel traveling clerk, no cases   Pieter Coel notary, procurer
Johannes Blaucamer court clerk   Paulus Durven notary
Borger Block court clerk, no cases   Simon Pijnacker procurer
David _oerschap court clerk, no cases   Jan van Edenburgh procurer, son of Roelant
Adriaen Westrick court clerk, Delfshaven   Cornelis van der Sleyden notary
Willem Westerhoven notary   Arnoldus Ramp security Everts van Zijl
Claude van Houten     Adriaen Hoppesteijn van Leeuwen notary
_______, notary   David van den Bergh procurer, son of Pieter
Cornelis Ouwendijck notary   Anthonij Buijd? Voorburg

They were almost all notaries. About twice this many notaries were active in Delft during these years. Procurers were men or women involved in a legal matter in behalf of someone who had granted a power of attorney to them.

After the instrument of appointment come the record of the estates put under their control. Leeuwenhoek has two pages, sharing the second with his cousin Lambrecht's son Adriaan Leeuwenhoek, whose page had filled.