Article 85


A copper cooking kettle (keetel): 1 ditto 2 blakers, 3 ditto smaller
A ditto smaller 2 kandelaars
A large copper kettle with a wooden lid 2 tobacco confoortjes
A copper pan A struijkijzertje
A sisterpan (susterpan) and lid 3 schuymspannen
A ditto without lid 1 ditto with an iron handle
A copper ash kettle (askeetel) 7 kandelaars
3 ditto water buckets (emmers), one ditto extinguisher (smoorpot) 4 dompers
A ?? (ferneuijs) with copper insides 1 snuijter
A high warmer (confoort) and copper box 2 profijtertje
A copper tea kettle 1 vuijlnisblik
A ditto An East Indian tea kettle, warmer, and its accessories (toe behooren)
A ditto teapot. A ditto A blakertje and lamp
A copper tea warmer A bedpan
5 East Indian ?? ferneuijsjes with teapots
A worsthorentje
A casserole (castrol), old A small tangetje
1 ditto sauce pan (souspan) A metal wijsel and stamper
A pofferpan A ditto and stamper
A cake pan (koekpan) A tregtertje
A copper cake or pie cover (taart deksel)
A coffee grinder, 1 ditto
A pan with a handle (steel) and lid (deksel)
Some old copper


askeetel - ash kettle. Pan with handle for collecting ashes under a fire.

blaker -a pan holding a torch for illumination at night; a hanging lamp or candelabra.

castrol = kasterol, from the French casserole. A round copper pan with straight sides, sometimes with a handle.

confoort = komfoor - warming device for pots


pofferpan - see susterpan

susterpan - literally, sisterpan. Another word for pofferpan. Griddles, often with shallow round depressions, for making tiny pancakes (poffertjes).